Bookkeeping & Accounting - Fulfillment Agent
Brief info

Elaine has been in the Accounting & Bookkeeping industry for over 18 years. Elaine's tenacity and attention to detail are 2nd to none. She's an expert in her field of bookkeeping, and her service to customers is nothing short of outstanding. She's a blessing to have on our team.

More Info:  Elaine is an Accounting Specialist & Lead Fulfillment Agent for Creative Design Studios, a marketing company with the goal of providing professional and high quality design services to small and medium businesses across the US. At Creative Design Studios, we’re very passionate about design & marketing, and are diligent in every project we undertake.

One of our specialties is custom full color print and marketing collateral, which goes a long way in conveying professionalism and credibility to your customers and colleagues. With each project, we want to offer beautiful, personalized designs & quality that leave a lasting impression, whether it’s for your dream wedding or for your office marketing campaign. Creative Design Studios is all about building strong relationships with our clients. We listen and learn what’s important to you, communicate our vision and make recommendations.

At Creative Design Studios, we create distinctive, memorable, and innovative designs, and produce high quality, professional marketing collateral. Through a variety of examples shown on our website, we demonstrate the diversity of our experience and professionalism. Our main goal is to satisfy your design and marketing needs and to help your business prosper.